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Printing enterprise management needs "intensive cultivation"

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core tip: in recent years, the traditional printing industry market has become saturated, the orders received by printing enterprises have gradually decreased, the labor cost has gradually increased, the profit has been declining, and the enterprise is facing a reshuffle. How to remain invincible in the fierce market competition? Spell management has become a growing concern of printing enterprises

[China Packaging News] in recent years, the market of traditional printing industry tends to be saturated, the orders obtained by printing enterprises gradually decrease, the labor costs gradually increase, and the profits continue to decline. Enterprises are facing a reshuffle. How to remain invincible in the fierce market competition? Spell management has become a growing concern of printing enterprises

among Cangnan printing enterprises, there are many powerful entrepreneurs, but what is lacking is a manager who strives for perfection; There is no lack of various management systems. What is missing is the full implementation of various rules and regulations. There are many cases of economic losses caused by work mistakes in printing enterprises due to the neglect of "intensive cultivation" in management

example 1: when a printing enterprise processed the packaging boxes for a distillery, it designed the accuracy of the wine on the packaging from 38 degrees to 52 degrees, but did not carefully check and proofread, resulting in the scrapping of tens of thousands of wine packaging boxes, which brought significant economic losses and adverse social impact to the enterprise

example 2: a printing enterprise participating in the Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition could enjoy the financial subsidy from the county finance according to the regulations, but the staff of the enterprise office were careless and did not declare in time as required, resulting in missing the opportunity of financial subsidy

example 3: the boss of a printing enterprise blindly invested in the construction of a factory without knowing the corrugated box Market in Shandong Province, making losses for consecutive years, resulting in the rupture of the enterprise capital chain and the bankruptcy of the enterprise

the above three cases reflect the problems existing in the management of Cangnan printing enterprise from three different levels: production links, office work and the decision-making of the enterprise boss. In business management, the negligence of a detail may make your business profitable and lose money; Those who could have enjoyed the financial subsidy policy missed the opportunity and could not enjoy it; The enterprise could have developed smoothly, but due to neglect of market research, the result was a failure. The lessons of these extensive management are profound

enterprise management strives for "intensive cultivation", which is a kind of consciousness, a serious attitude and a culture of excellence. Management experts point out that we have lived in the era of detail economy, and detail has become the most important form of enterprise competition. The so-called challenge arena on the tip of the needle means precision. Only by "intensive cultivation", making full efforts in every small link, and establishing "detail advantages", can the enterprise ensure that its foundation will last forever

then, what aspects should printing enterprises start from

first of all, the market forecast should be precise. In the era of meager profits, the competition in the printing market is extremely fierce. With the refinement of the social division of labor, the printing industry has also accelerated the development of key areas. Now the competition is more in-depth, more professional and more detailed. Any printing enterprise has boundless resources and capabilities. How can an enterprise make a specific analysis of different market conditions, have an insight into the opportunities according to the details, make a judgment in line with the real market conditions, and then make a scientific prediction, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, find a development goal suitable for its own enterprise, give full play to its own resources, and make excellent products in its strongest aspects, so that its own business skills and methods are superior to those of its peers, and the enterprise will be profitable and make money

secondly, the service to customers should be meticulous. Today, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the difference between enterprises in terms of products, technology, cost, equipment, process, etc. is ≤± 0.5%; (4) The weights cannot be placed vertically. The homogenization is becoming stronger and the difference is becoming smaller and smaller. To some extent, the market competition is increasingly showing that the production supply of Jinan experimental machine factory exceeds the demand as the competition in details. Who can start with humanization, think more carefully for customers, and establish the competitive advantage of installing extensometer or strain gauge and service on the standard tensile sample, who will win in the competition. As the saying goes, there is no best service, only better. Those packaging and printing enterprises that can accurately grasp the needs of customers and continuously provide customers with unique and high-quality services are bound to be favored by customers and establish close cooperative relations with customers

in addition, the internal management should be meticulous. The internal management of the enterprise should establish a clear target management system, post system, scientific assessment system and assessment result reward and punishment system. The employees of the enterprise should take their own positions, do their own things, take their own examinations and evaluations, and take their own money. They should effectively decompose the objects of enterprise management one by one and quantify them into specific figures, procedures, so that each content can be seen, touched, and accurately said, so that each problem can be taken seriously by a specially assigned person, rather than fighting a disorderly war. "Refinement" should be embodied in all links of management. Each link should not be lax or negligent. It should be closely linked, checked and managed in every detail. Only by making great efforts to do small things in detail, can we do things well, ensure that the enterprise management ideas are implemented efficiently, accurately and in place, and fine management yields benefits

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