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At present, China has become the third largest basic processing and manufacturing industry base in the world after the United States and Japan. As an important industry in the processing service industry, the printing industry is also developing rapidly in China, and China will eventually become the world printing base. The 6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, which will open at the China International Exhibition Center and the National Agricultural Exhibition Hall on May 11, will undoubtedly become the focus of attention. Reform and opening up has promoted the rapid development of China's printing industry. China's reform and opening up has been more than 20 years. Now the material and cultural living standards of our people have been greatly improved, and China's printing industry, as a processing service industry, has also been greatly improved. Power specification: 220V (AC) nowadays, no matter the level of technical equipment in the printing industry, business management, scientific research achievements and production scale, there has been a rapid development. Usually, it is called a pillar industry and leading industry when it exceeds 1% of GDP, but now the printing industry has reached 1.59% as early as 2003

In 1982, there were 11000 printing enterprises in China, with 850000 employees and an annual output value of 5billion yuan. Up to now, according to luozhixiong, general manager of China business United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., in his speech at the 8th world printing conference, by 2004, the number of Chinese printing enterprises had reached more than 160000, including more than 80000 printing enterprises of various types, more than 70000 Fuying printing enterprises, with more than 3million employees, and some of the output value had soared to US $26billion

therefore, China's printing industry has formed an important industrial scale and market scale. With the development of national economy, the scale of printing industry and market not only have better prospects, but also breed huge market potential. Small and medium-sized enterprises win the current printing market

according to the materials of the small and medium-sized enterprise department of the synchronous belt deceleration mechanism driven by the rubber tensile testing machine of the State Economic and Trade Commission with the integrated structure of DC servo electromechanical and speed regulation system, since 1990, 76.7% of the new industrial output value in China's rapid economic growth has been created by small and medium-sized enterprises. As an indispensable member of China's economy, the printing industry is naturally included. From the perspective of the national printing enterprise structure, the situation that the printing industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises has taken shape. Statistics show that there are now 82189 printing enterprises of all kinds, of which 7880 are state-owned enterprises, accounting for 9.6%; 30219 collective enterprises, accounting for 36.8%; 2295 foreign-funded printing enterprises, accounting for 2.8%; 7045 limited companies and joint stock limited companies, accounting for 8.6%; 32998 individual and private enterprises, accounting for 40.1%; 1752 other enterprises, accounting for 2.1%

xujinfeng, Secretary General of China printing and equipment industry association, pointed out that at present, the key factor why China's small and medium-sized printing enterprises have occupied most of the printing foam granulator Market is that the small and medium-sized enterprises are flexible in system and in place in service. It is more suitable for the development of market economy than large enterprises. For large-scale enterprises, especially public enterprises, it is difficult to achieve timely and flexible transformation according to market needs as small and medium-sized enterprises, which is determined by their systems. Although the operators of public enterprises also know that only by constantly improving the service level can they really win the market, it is difficult to achieve the expected purpose in implementation. However, small and medium-sized enterprises are completely different. Their top-down implementation is almost perfect, which is the essential reason why large public enterprises lose the market

zhuguoliang, general manager of Beijing Qiliang Hyde Printing Co., Ltd., just confirmed this point. He said that as a small and medium-sized enterprise with certain popularity in the industry, it is not difficult to see from our development process that in the face of market economy, our core competitiveness under great environmental protection pressure is: Service! Although small and medium-sized enterprises are relatively flexible in the system, it is useless to be flexible in the system without really good services

therefore, in the future, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the printing industry should attract the attention of the industry. They have become an important part of the economic structure of the printing industry. The development of small and medium-sized enterprises needs a qualitative leap

for the development of China's printing industry, 2001 is a very important year. On November 9 of that year, shizongyuan, the director of the General Administration of publishing, signed Decree No. 15 of the General Administration of publishing of the people's Republic of China, announcing that the Interim Provisions on the qualifications of printing operators shall come into force as of the date of promulgation. This caused great repercussions in the industry at that time. Because this means that the low threshold of China's printing industry has changed since then. Today, looking back at the regulations issued by the General Administration at that time, it is really farsighted

lichen, deputy director of the printing and reproduction management department of the General Administration of publishing, said that since the issuance of the Interim Provisions on the qualifications of printing operators, printing enterprises have not developed very fast in quantity, but the expansion speed in the overall output value is amazing

it is learned that most small and medium-sized enterprises in China are still in extensive management and experience management because of problems such as capital. Family management is still common in some private enterprises, especially the lack of management talents. Therefore, as Li Chen said, in the future, small and medium-sized enterprises should strive to improve their competitiveness by standardizing the modern enterprise management system. Encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to actively improve themselves in new processes and new fields, so as to truly become the creators of market output value

zhuguoliang is also well aware of the fact that small and medium-sized enterprises now only account for the majority in the overall number, but they are far from being able to account for the majority in the output value. In addition, the good and bad are intermingled in small and medium-sized enterprises. Some companies have only fourorfive people. In this way, it is easy to make mistakes in company management and product quality, which will damage the overall image of small and medium-sized printing enterprises. Therefore, he suggested that the relevant state departments should strengthen the supervision of the industry, and stressed that small and medium-sized enterprises themselves need to strengthen the transformation of equipment, technology and other aspects to truly achieve a qualitative leap

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