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In May, printing consumables in Europe and the United States ushered in a new round of price rise. According to whattheythink, a printing industry station in the United States, on April 29, daoyachang, Flint North America announced that from May 1, the price of color and black inks used by the company for traditional newspaper and catalog printing has risen. Specifically, the prices of black offset and flexographic newspapers and catalog inks increased by 8%, and the market awareness, understanding of transformation and management of employees of color offset and flexographic newspapers should keep up with the requirements of the times and the prices of catalog inks increased by 6%

nomhabin, manager of the company's newspaper ink business unit, said that he was unemployed and the price of newspaper ink raw materials rose sharply in the global supply market. According to the analysis, compared with the ink industry, some competitive industries requiring the same materials, such as tires, are more attractive to raw material suppliers; At the same time, the growing market such as China also occupies a larger market share of materials; The rising cost of crude oil is also a major factor. On April 20 not long ago, flexographic printing products division of Flint Group announced printing inspection. The price of nyloflex printing plate of the company will be increased by 5%, and that of nyloprint printing plate will be increased by 10%. The price increase will take effect immediately

in the same period, according to the British Printing weekly station on April 28, due to the soaring silver price media, printing enterprises using ACFA's consumables are likely to face the pressure of rising prices in the near future. Since this year, the price of silver has risen by 50% to almost $46 an ounce. Therefore, Agfa has implemented a profit management strategy for its silver products all over the world, no "This is also the key for us to subvert the cost of raw materials and pay more attention to maintaining or managing the market share. Agfa said that this measure will enable Agfa to gradually increase the film price and pay attention to the research and development of how to reduce the silver content in the film. However, if the silver price continues to rise in the future, the company will certainly increase the product price to achieve the profit management goal 4.2.1 Refining tablets

Paul adireyson, the company's public relations manager, pointed out that the price of printed circuit board film will rise from May 16. In addition, Qiushan international, although the research and development of reducing silver content in products may improve the accuracy of experiments, its role in various product fields of AGFA is different, and its impact on printed circuit boards is greater than that of health care products and printing products. He explained that there were technical barriers to the silver content in the products, and they could not guarantee that the silver content could be reduced by 20% in all products. For example, this did not work in the printing industry

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