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At present, what the printing industry mostly discusses is how to develop, how to survive, and how to upgrade and transform. However, during a recent visit to Indian enterprises, many strange phenomena were found: more and more bosses realized that it was not easy to make money, but turned a blind eye to the high procurement costs. The special testing machine for steel wire rope controlled by Jinan assaying microcomputer has a perfect function of protective measures: some sources of hydraulic pressure and electrical equipment are difficult, but they do not know how to throttle. The business volume of printing enterprises has decreased, and the operating costs have increased sharply, resulting in a significant decline in the profit margin of enterprises. The internal control management of procurement is imminent! Purchasing is tricky. I don't know it means that the enterprise is bleeding

do you know that the price of purchased plate inks is more than 10-20% higher than the market

there is a difference between the purchase quantity and the delivery quantity. For example, the purchase of 10 pieces sends 5 pieces, the purchase of 20 kg sends 15 kg. The oil pump is a direct rotating axial 5-column pump. Do you know

the price of consumables has been increased by the captain and the factory director. The price is surprisingly higher than the market price. Do you know

this is an important link to test the main performance of the torsion bar

the shallow rules of the industry procurement system, such as infectious diseases, have formed a bad atmosphere. Printing business owners, how do we avoid? Set up special inspectors to take precautions through comparison of goods, strengthen fund planning and strive for initiative! Tips for you are as follows:

1 It is very important to establish price files and compare prices well. The purchasing department of an enterprise shall establish a price file for all purchased materials, and compare the quotations of purchased items from top to bottom. You will find that you may spend 300 yuan to purchase items, and some platforms only need 150 yuan

2. Establish a warehousing mechanism, strictly control the quantity and quality of goods in the warehouse, conduct a third audit on the size and weight of purchased goods, and prevent internal and external collusion from damaging the interests of enterprises

3. Grasp the reality of price changes and grasp the good opportunity of procurement. The price will often change with the season, market supply and demand, and the merchants' interest transfer. This processing technology enhances the performance activities of 3D printing parts. The purchasing personnel should pay close attention to the price changes of common consumables and seize the opportunity

4. Reduce the purchase cost through the selection of payment terms. If the enterprise has sufficient funds or the bank interest rate is low, cash transaction or cash on delivery can be adopted. If the enterprise's capital is tight, it can find a platform or partner with credit support to conduct transactions

5. Fully investigate the purchasing market and collect information

it is very important for an enterprise to control the purchase cost and check the purchase quantity. Therefore, it is one of the important and direct means for an enterprise to continuously reduce product costs and increase profits to control and reduce procurement costs

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