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Intelligent transportation has entered all aspects of life.

intelligent transportation is a transportation oriented service system based on modern electronic information technology. Its outstanding feature is to establish a real-time, accurate and efficient comprehensive transportation management system that plays a role in a wide range and all directions through information technology, so as to solve the deteriorating road traffic congestion, traffic accidents and environmental pollution, which are the problems that the universal steel wire tester should pay attention to in the breaking test. In daily work and life in the United States, I feel that this new intelligent system not only makes travel safer, more energy-saving and more efficient, but also brings many benefits to the government and society, such as spending cuts and social harmony

in the United States, car owners pay property taxes every year, most of which are used for road maintenance and other projects related to car travel. A few years ago, when it was close to the car tax day, car owners needed to write a check 2 Adhesive, sealed in the receipt envelope sent with the tax bill. In recent years, with the continuous popularity of the Internet, especially the development of the Internet bank, vehicle management has become more intelligent. To pay the vehicle personal property tax, the relevant departments will continue to send bills and list a variety of tax payment methods for choice. Most of the new choices save the tedious procedures such as writing checks and mailing them. You can call up the corresponding forms only by going to the management department's station in the place where there is an Internet connection. If you pay with a credit card, enter your own credit card number. If you pay with a network bank, type in your bank's identification number and account number, indicate the amount of tax to be paid, and submit it to the network bank of the tax department. Within a few days, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your account, and the relevant department will send the receipt to the taxpayer's email

in the United States, cars generally have two annual inspections: exhaust and safety. If you don't get the results of the annual exhaust inspection, the car can't be registered on the road. Now, car owners only need to go to the gas station with vehicle maintenance service for annual inspection. The car repair Association will report the inspection results to the vehicle management department through the computer, and the registration procedures will be issued on time. In the past, to change a driver's license, you had to go to the business hall of the vehicle management department and wait in line for various procedures. Nowadays, relying on network intelligent management, when the driver's license is about to expire, you generally only need to check your eyesight in the business hall and pay a certain fee for changing your driver's license, and the new driver's license will be sent to me in a few days. If you want to change the latest photos, you can also take photos on the spot when checking your eyesight and update the photo record in the electronic file

although vehicle insurance is not operated by government departments, the degree of intelligent management of relevant enterprises has also developed synchronously with the government network. In the past, when comparing the insurance quotations of different companies, we could only consult different companies; When handling insurance procedures, you must bring all relevant information, drive to the branch of the insurance company, negotiate the price after purchasing the impact testing machine, write a check, and ask for a receipt. Today, with the help of network intelligent management, you only need to browse and compare on the Internet to select an insurance company, and then you just need to type in the information of the car and your name, and the computer program designed by the insurance company will quickly give the underwriting content and quotation. Once the owner accepts, he only needs to provide the other party with the credit card number and relevant information, and the vehicle can be insured immediately. Within a few days, he will receive detailed information and insurance card through the post office

nowadays, the police also use intelligent management to issue tickets. If the police find driving violations, the police ask for the driver's license, and then go to the police car to use the computer in the car to connect wirelessly with the database of the traffic management department. From the database, we can not only immediately find out whether the illegal vehicles have legal problems, such as expired insurance or failed security checks, but also find out the drivers' violations and even criminal records. A large number of criminal criminals were not detected by the criminal police, but found when they were stopped and fined by the traffic police

intelligent transportation system can even make you stay at home when you file a lawsuit. Once I was fined for parking illegally. Considering that this was the wrong judgment of the police, I sent a letter of appeal to the competent court through the network, and the letter of appeal can be regarded as my appearance to plead during the court session. Shortly after the court session, I received a letter from the court, claiming that because the traffic police who issued the ticket on the court session did not provide the latest evidence, let alone appeared, the judge ruled that the traffic police lost the lawsuit and the ticket was invalid based on the complaint of the punished person. The court decision not only speeds up the handling of cases, but also saves a lot of time and resources for the government and society due to intelligent management

in fact, intelligent transportation in the United States is only a microcosm of intelligent city construction. From the perspective of development trend, relevant intelligent management relies on information technology, computer technology, data communication technology, sensor technology, electronic control technology, automatic control theory, operations research, artificial intelligence, etc., which is not only increasingly convenient and fast, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the government and saves public time Ultrasonic thickness gauge: measure the thickness and expense of materials. Urban intelligent management is a landmark in the development of government management

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