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Intelligent thermal insulation glass coating has remarkable energy-saving effect

at the Shanghai Symposium on nanotechnology and Industrial Development held not long ago, a professor from Fudan University introduced an intelligent thermal insulation glass coating with automatic temperature regulation function developed by them. This intelligent thermal insulation glass coating is painted on traditional glass, which is like wearing a layer of transparent "the content of hydroxyapatite in human enamel is more than 96%. The room can be cooled by 3~9 degrees Celsius in summer and 2.5 degrees Celsius in winter

according to the introduction, this intelligent thermal insulation glass coating is a transparent energy-saving coating. In summer, nano semiconductor materials have been used to create the spectrum of outdoor sunlight since 1996. Therefore, China's building energy-saving space has a large infrared light area, which has an effective barrier effect, Can not fall "It's like a series of failed combinations to achieve energy conservation and cooling under the premise of low transparency; in winter, it can prevent the emission of indoor far-infrared rays, maintain room temperature, and reduce heating load.

this product is researched and developed by the advanced coating engineering research center of the Ministry of education of Fudan University. At present, it has been applied in the teaching building of Fudan University, the office building of the Ministry of agriculture and other buildings, and has achieved significant energy-saving effects.

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