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In order to implement the work deployment of the Ministry of public security for "releasing management services", the Shenzhen traffic police vehicle management office has carried out a comprehensive upgrade and transformation from the aspects of upgrading self-service equipment, improving the working environment, and updating the working concept, based on the original green self-service window

on December 1, 2018, Shenzhen traffic police vehicle management office officially launched the all new car driving management business intelligent self-service, which can meet the requirements of GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other standards. The upgraded green intelligent self-service hall has expanded its business scope to 15 items, doubled the number of self-service handling equipment, and increased a variety of convenience service equipment. The working environment is new, and the workflow is more convenient and concise. There is no need to queue up for on-site identity authentication, data collection and entry, and on-site business handling

in addition, the intelligent self-service hall will continue to provide guidance, guidance, preliminary review of materials, solving difficult problems and other guidance services. We will set up special green windows for the elderly, the weak, the disabled and pregnant, as well as military, police and senior talents, and provide special green window services for special groups. We welcome the general public to experience it. What attracts the public's attention most is the shiny debut of four high-tech convenience service machines, and it also adds several beautiful scenery to the green self-service window of Shenzhen traffic police vehicle management office

vehicle intelligent certificate making machine

vehicle intelligent certificate making machine is developed in strict accordance with the requirements of vehicle background certificate making, and makes full use of industry 4.0 intelligent self-service control, image OCR recognition, bar code scanner technology, and image processing technology to complete four types of vehicle certificates, including vehicle license, registration certificate, temporary number plate, and inspection free sign. The background full-automatic universal experimental machine host adopts imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation system Ball screw production

the vehicle intelligent certificate making machine can realize automatic printing and cutting of vehicle license photos, bar code scanner of vehicle license information, information printing, plastic cutting of documents, and plastic cutting of the original driving license and the vehicle photos of driving license. Using the image OCR recognition technology to recognize the temporary number plate, read the barcode information, and design the automatic printing template, so as to complete the production of the temporary number plate. At the same time, the barcode scanning technology is used to read the barcode of the registration certificate, and the relevant information is automatically backfilled into the system to print the registration certificate. Complete the printing of the exemption label information according to the vehicle information

the vehicle intelligent certificate making machine can make different license plates and certificates according to different business types, which can replace the complex work of the background certificate making personnel of vehicle management business

1 the person in charge of the production enterprise of polyurethane exterior wall insulation material said that it is understood that the intelligent certificate making machine for motor vehicles is independently developed by Shenzhen traffic police and is the first one in China. At present, the only one is placed in Xili vehicle management office in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The traffic police department will improve it in the future and will gradually promote and use it in the offices of traffic police in the city. In the future, the vehicle intelligent certificate making machine will replace the traditional manual certificate making method, making the vehicle management business faster, more convenient and more accurate

iron plate recycling machine for motor vehicles

iron plate recycling self-service machine is to recycle the old license plates when handling the business of motor vehicles. Before handling the business, the old iron plates are recycled through the self-service equipment, and the recycled iron plate information is backfilled into the business system. The masses handle the business by themselves. The equipment automatically takes photos to identify the license plate number and save the relevant license plate photos. The masses do not need to take the iron plate to the window to handle business. It effectively solves the problem that it is inconvenient for the masses to carry waste iron plates around, and also reduces the workload of window work police. Effectively informatization the waste iron brand electronics. People do not need to take the waste license plates to the business window for recycling. Reduce the workload of window police

I learned that the motor vehicle iron plate recycling machine integrates the collection and recognition of human images, the collection and recognition of license plate information, and the verification of license plates. It not only avoids making an appointment, but also avoids waiting in line for a long time. After it is put into use, citizens no longer need to take the iron plate to the window for recycling

according to the relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen traffic police vehicle management office, it is expected that by the end of this month, the motor vehicle iron plate recycling machine will be put into the self-service Hall of the vehicle management office for citizens to use. If citizens have any problems in the process of use, the staff on site will give guidance and instructions

handling process

read ID card information

live portrait collection and recognition

iron plate information collection and license plate recognition

whether business information verification can be recycled

iron plate recycling

intelligent license making machine

(batch license making/launch paperless driving test throughout the whole process)

on the basis of the independent research and development of the "car driving treasure" self-service license processing machine by Shenzhen traffic police vehicle management institute, the intelligent license making machine has been developed. The equipment can automatically prepare certificates in batches after obtaining the required certificate data through the system, and put them into the driver's license business window and examination room of Shenzhen vehicle administration

it is understood that its advantage is to optimize the window process and improve the efficiency. For drivers who do not meet the conditions for handling in the chejiabao self-service all-in-one machine, the window staff can input the data required for license preparation into the system after accepting the driver's license business. After receiving the data, the intelligent license making machine can automatically print the driver's license in batch. The window staff can view the completion of license preparation through the system, realizing the one-time handling of the driver's license business window, 1 hour; Relying on the intelligent driver's license making machine, the whole process of driving test is paperless. When students sign up for the initial learning and additional driving application of driver's license, the application information is collected through the paperless system at the registration point of the driving school. Through data flow, the staff of the vehicle management office accepts the registration information. After the qualified results of all test subjects of the candidates are uploaded to the paperless system, they can automatically make licenses in batches through the intelligent driver's license making machine. Candidates from registration to on-site evidence collection and one certificate handling, the whole process is paperless, the process is efficient and reduces the pressure of file storage

the upgraded version of "chejiabao"

"chejiabao" is linked to the data verification of the public security traffic management comprehensive application platform, hospitals, photo galleries and other systems, combined with face recognition, identity verification and other information technologies, through integration, automation, integration and other ways, people do not need to carry paper materials, and after filling in the relevant information by themselves, "chejiabao" replaces manual operation through manipulator, and the photos of driver's license and motor vehicle driving license are automatically printed The printing of information and the cutting of certificates are too plastic, and the one-stop handling of driver's license and driving license business is really realized. From the acceptance, payment, certificate preparation and certificate issuance, it is desirable immediately, which greatly shortens the time for people to handle business and saves a lot of police resources; The business information is made into electronic files, paperless office, and the problem of insufficient storage in the warehouse is solved. (Wu Wei, Chen Xiaoliang used to evaluate the heat sealing strength at the fixed sealing position of bag film 1, Zhang Xiaowu)

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