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Intelligent transformation is "applauded but not popular", but home appliance enterprises have no way to embrace IOT

over the past 10 years, the normalization of mutual assistance work has witnessed the rise and fall of the Internet era, especially and Alibaba, which have rapidly stepped into offline physical store channel definition retail after their rise from online e-commerce platforms, which makes all home appliance manufacturers understand a truth: the tide of the era is irreversible and the power of the era cannot be underestimated. If you want to live well, We should not only learn to actively embrace the times, but also find our own new way of life in the tide of times' change

nowadays, with the arrival of a new era dominated by the Internet of everything, for home appliance manufacturers who have missed or fallen behind in the Internet era, taking action in advance and actively embracing are the only correct answer. However, in the face of the cross-border rush, fierce attack, frequent actions and continuous changes of many Internet, it and even start-ups, where is the breakthrough for home appliance manufacturers to embrace the IOT era

the home appliance industry believes that many home appliance manufacturers are not far away from the IOT era, and the IOT era is no stranger to home appliance manufacturers. You can immediately turn the power of this era into the differentiated competitiveness of home appliance manufacturers to participate in market competition

however, its core is not to stay in the intelligent transformation of products, but the comprehensive intelligent popularization and application based on a series of technologies such as AI and big data. But to quickly explore the convenient and fast complete set design, installation and service of household appliances based on the user's life scene. This will become an important "starting point" for home appliance enterprises to seize the initiative in the era of smart home

from home appliances to smart appliances, this is still based on product effort and performance upgrading, which seems to solve the problem of differentiated competition of home appliances. However, in the past three to five years, the popularity of intelligent household appliances has become higher and higher, but many household appliance enterprises have not won and activated more consumer demand because of intelligence, let alone activated the business value of intelligence. The core reason is that for users, they do not pay attention to intelligent technology, but pay more attention to what new changes can be brought to life after the intellectualization of household appliances

the real embarrassment is that for users, the intellectualization of household appliances can play a relatively limited experience value. At most, the control mode of household appliances has changed from "remote control" to "smart speaker", but there has been no breakthrough and surprise in the corresponding product experience, as well as a series of value-added services such as repair, maintenance and cleaning

become a national key high-tech enterprise, a national recognized enterprise technology center, a national industrial brand training demonstration enterprise, and a national contract abiding and reputation respecting enterprise

in this case, the intelligent transformation of China's household appliance industry in the past few years belongs to a typical "thunder and rain, small points", enterprises are hot, but the market and consumers are very cold. Finally, the market once fell into the quagmire of "applauding but not applauding", In the past three years, few enterprises have directly used intelligence as a selling point of differentiated functions to activate users and the market

nevertheless, home appliance enterprises do not have no way to embrace IOT, nor are they weak. They still need to follow the road of "intellectualization", jump out of the competitive quagmire of product technology and concept rendering, and directly based on the reality of user life scenes and consumption upgrading, from the intellectualization of a single product to the complete and modular solutions of life scenes, so that users can first experience the complete set of home appliances The convenience and intelligence brought by integration

from the perspective of business model, the biggest change brought about by the complete set and integrated sales of household appliances is the improvement of the bargaining power of enterprises. In addition to the price of the product itself, users also pay more attention to the design, construction, commissioning and installation of complete sets of household appliances and later services; From the perspective of target groups, according to foreign media reports, the sales of complete sets of household appliances are not only for newly installed users, but also for old user groups that can be upgraded, helping them experience the smart life brought by intelligence in individual scenes such as kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom; From the three tortuous experiments of business transformation, from selling a single set of household appliances to selling a set of household appliances, it is not only a simple superposition of quantities, but also a superposition of sales, promotion, design, installation and service capabilities

in other words, for many home appliance manufacturers, there is no need to worry about the business opportunities and direction in the IOT era. First, start with the most urgent and easiest to change complete set sales of home appliances, pre marketing of home appliances, and the complete set design, installation, and service transformation of home appliances, and quickly take action

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