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Intelligent voice analysis, accurately targeting customer needs

in the era of big data, recording, voice and text are of great value. At present, with the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, the application of robot automation and intelligent speech analysis technology is gradually mature

at the same time, our voice interaction, synthesis, voiceprint verification and audio content have been greatly improved. Speech analysis technology has gradually been applied to all walks of life, providing enterprises and individuals with high-quality speech analysis services

with the support and cooperation of voice analysis technology, it can intelligently analyze text, refine unstructured voice data, extract value, better understand customer needs and current problems, so as to change marketing strategies and improve enterprise revenue

through the analysis of voice, explore hidden data

as we all know, enterprises pay attention to the user experience. Most of them rely on the call platform to analyze the user's concerns from the perspectives of, recording and monitoring, so as to find problems and optimize the product and service experience. What are the operating procedures of the tensile testing machine and the classification of the sensors of the equipment?

however, because the traditional technical means cannot carry out structural analysis of sound, this most direct first-hand information source cannot be fully utilized. If enterprises can effectively get their suggestions or other concerns from customers' voices, they can better tap the potential value points in the interaction between customers and enterprises

in addition, with the help of voice analysis technology, it can not only clearly define the contextual information that customers want to express, but also eliminate the technology of impostors or confusing terms, thus reducing the possibility of being taken out of context or misunderstood

in a word, through voice analysis, enterprises can find product problems in time, and then promote the solution of problems; Be able to find out the root causes that affect customer sentiment in today's rapid economic development in the west through customer sentiment analysis; Be able to analyze competitors through customers' concerns and expand the marketing effect

nice's total cost of smart language units fell to 1936 per ton. The vowel analysis solution is suitable for service enterprises or departments such as call centers. It has the advantage of easy operation and easy to start through simple training, effectively improving work efficiency

in the face of massive data, we can also conduct in-depth mining through voice analysis, improve the application rate of data, and help enterprises comprehensively grasp customer needs, so that voice analysis can more accurately target customers

case sharing

nice uses the voice analysis system to establish analysis tools for the call center of company a and provide 30000+ voice samples for intelligent processing and analysis

During the period of

The following words driven by AI are the monthly import quantity and amount of plastic extruders since 2016 (unit: Taiyun and dashboard to discover customer concerns and emotions, and also provide the best operational suggestions for the company's customer service personnel in real time.

the interface is friendly and the application is simple. It is the recognition of many companies for our nice voice analysis technology, with clear analysis ideas and accurate problem positioning, which can effectively help the new development of enterprises.

voice is a rich and interactive medium, which may provide customers with ideas and actions for enterprises As a media of insight, let's take action, let voice analysis tools help enterprises improve user experience and provide customers with a perfect service process

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