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The "smart wrist" multi-dimensional force sensor helps train Olympic athletes

the sensor is embedded in the shot put. During training, the change of strength of Olympic athletes from catching the ball to releasing the ball will be transmitted by the sensor to the computer of Miss Xiang YingYing and miss Chai Zhangfan. This strength data will become a scientific basis for guiding athletes' training. According to Science Island, the "research and application of multi-dimensional force sensors" hosted by GE Yunjian, a researcher from Hefei Institute of intelligence, Chinese Academy of Sciences, including this technology, has passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements

multi dimensional force sensor is the most important external sensor of intelligent robot. It can complete the first of three control modes of load, displacement and strain, resulting in fierce competition. It is equivalent to the wrist, finger wrist and ankle of robot. Before the 1980s, only the United States, Japan and other countries in the world could produce, but the price of angjiao 1035 was expensive, and it was listed as an embargo product against China and Eastern European countries

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