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Jianhui paper intelligent three-dimensional warehouse is on the stage, leading the enterprise information construction to a new level

with the continuous progress of science and technology, the continuous development of society. New concepts of various types of intelligent automation equipment have emerged, and the intellectualization of warehouses has gradually shown its advantages. Now intellectualization has become a major trend of enterprise transformation. Enterprise innovation is the basis for realizing sustainable development. 2. Oil filters should be set on the oil suction pipe of the universal experimental machine hydraulic system. The core of sustainable development is innovation. Kingway paper also follows the pace of the IOT information age, Invest a lot of money in the intelligent construction, realize the automatic management procedure of intelligent warehousing, and walk in the forefront of the era of automated manufacturing

on April 3, 2018, with the commencement ceremony, the transformation of Jianhui paper's traditional storage to intelligent storage, and the construction of a cross era intelligent warehouse officially began

the roof of the East warehouse is sealed, and the paper roll conveying system, shelf system, East warehouse stacker system and three-dimensional warehouse information management system (WMS) from phase I and phase II to the three-dimensional warehouse East warehouse are debugged... After the continuous design, modification and optimization of the operation by Changtai engineers, and the full follow-up and cooperation of the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and finished product completion and sales departments of Jianhui paper equipment management department, The rectification project has achieved key milestones

on August 11, 2019, Mr. LiGuiHua, chairman of the company, led the company's management personnel and project undertakers of all units to carry out a simple and grand opening ceremony. The sound of salute announced that the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse of Jianhui paper was officially put into use

the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse of Jianhui paper industry is 27 meters high, with a total area of nearly 12000 square meters, and a total of 28756 storage spaces. The maximum inventory of steel and aluminum is 46000 tons. It is a "dynamic warehouse", which is the largest vertical warehouse project of Changtai intelligent equipment company in South China at present. The storage capacity per unit area is times that of the ordinary warehouse. The storage area can develop to three-dimensional space to the greatest extent and improve the utilization rate of warehouse space; Save labor costs, reduce the allocation of forklift workers and warehouse keepers, reduce the labor intensity of employees, and improve work efficiency; Reduce the times of forklift handling and transfer, reduce the forklift cost, and reduce the previous paper roll damage problem. After the warehouse is put into use, the goal of zero damage of packaging paper roll can be guaranteed; Reduce storage and transportation costs, and preliminarily estimate storage costs and transit costs, which can reduce costs by 9.6 million per year. Putting the warehouse into use has improved the warehousing automation level and management level of Jianhui paper, and improved the management of finished product sales staff and the quality of operators

Changtai China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and international management consulting company Kearney jointly held the "global opportunities in China's chemical industry" report press conference. The data software of intelligent equipment library is connected to the ERP system of Kingway paper to ensure that the system software connects all links of (210) man-made board from sales to delivery, and the data automatically realizes seamless connection; The equipment hardware realizes the full automation of warehousing, storage and delivery, and improves the operation efficiency; Improve the ability to cope with market fluctuation risks

an intelligent system composed of three-dimensional shelves, stackers, in and out transportation system, information identification system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other auxiliary equipment in Jianhui paper intelligent three-dimensional warehouse

the paper roll conveying warehousing and outbound system takes the chain conveyor as the main equipment, and is equipped with the necessary electric rotary table, mobile chain conveyor, paper roll vertical machine, double row chain conveyor and other special equipment to complete the actions of paper roll conveying, steering, docking with automatic warehouse equipment, paper roll vertical, outbound and so on

the information management system of the three-dimensional warehouse realizes the data binding of the paper roll goods through the bar code information recognition technology, effectively controls and tracks the logistics dynamics of the goods, and interfaces with WCS and other systems to realize the automatic warehousing and storage of the goods, and coordinates the operation equipment of the three-dimensional warehouse to operate orderly according to the predetermined operation mode, so as to ensure the rapid and efficient warehousing and fast, accurate and efficient transportation of the goods

the information management system of the three-dimensional warehouse interacts with the upper information management system (ERP) of Jianhui paper through standard interfaces and protocols, connects the inbound and outbound data, and realizes the seamless integration of information. It can effectively make full use of the storage capacity of the warehouse, control the inventory situation at any time, easily realize the inventory principle of first in, first out, and prevent the natural aging, deterioration, mildew and other conditions of goods, Thus, inventory can be effectively controlled, production or sales decisions can be accelerated, and the level of warehouse management can be improved

chairman LiGuiHua made strict requirements and instructions for the management of intelligent warehouse. He said: intelligent warehouse system is an important part of the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0. In the face of the upcoming transformation and reform, Jianhui paper industry is at the forefront of the paper industry. In the future, JH paper will use world-class equipment and technology to realize automation, informatization, large-scale, low-energy clean production, implement world-class environmental protection standards, and realize a green factory of resource recycling and comprehensive energy utilization. It will also, as always, uphold the spirit of continuous improvement, knowledge and exploration, focus on the immediate and long-term, pay attention to the construction of enterprise informatization, pay attention to the integrated development of industrialization and informatization in the process of enterprise operation, drive the improvement of operation with informatization and intelligence, drive production with operation, and spare no effort to build a cutting-edge brand in the paper industry

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