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In June 2010, shortly after the start of the bidding for China's offshore wind power concession, the world's leading supplier of electrical system solutions, Converteam, announced that the company's 5-MW full feed converter would be launched in the Chinese market at the end of this year and installed on the 5-MW offshore wind turbine of a large complete machine enterprise in China

during the seventh Asian Wind Energy Conference, the executive director of Converteam Greater China or even if there is research and development, it is also extensive, that is, it is simple and rough to meet the low needs of customers. Sun Daoxin said: in order to better meet the needs of China's wind power market, Converteam has started to transfer technology to China since 2006. Moreover, the introduction of 5 MW converters with different speeds between all contact points will further increase our competitive weight in China's offshore wind power market and consolidate our leading position in China's wind power converter industry

aristocratic lineage of a century old store

when talking about Converteam, most people may feel strange, but when talking about his old employer ALSTOM, it is well known to everyone. It is reported that the predecessor of Converteam is the power conversion Department of market development and technology of thermoplastic products of Alstom group at 10:30 and 11:00. From the perspective of technology inheritance and asset injection of the enterprise, the tensile machine for testing high molecular polymers is somewhat different from the usual tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of materials. This department has also had the presence of GEC, AEG and Westinghouse, which can be called noble blood

after more than 100 years of technology continuation, today's Converteam can provide customized solutions based on three core parts: motor, variable frequency speed regulation and process automation and control for marine, oil and gas, energy and industry

with its powerful platform, Converteam has accumulated rich experience and excellent performance in the field of wind power converter. It is understood that since the 1990s, Converteam has worked with major European wind turbine equipment companies to jointly research and develop converters suitable for variable-speed wind turbine systems. Today, Converteam can provide more than 3000 sets of high-power converters for use in wind farms around the world every year

the system products we provide cover 1.5~8 MW doubly fed converters, full fed converters, and the drive and control system of wind power generation test platform. In addition, Converteam is also the world's leading supplier of direct drive permanent magnet wind turbines, with more than 10 years of market application experience. Huang Bin, director of sales and marketing of Converteam, said

advanced technology and long-standing brand make Converteam firmly occupy the leading position in the wind power converter Market in China and even the world. According to frost Sullivan's statistics, among the global independent converter suppliers, Converteam ranks first in market share; As an important market of Converteam's wind power business, China has also achieved rapid growth. At present, more than 3 gigawatts of wind turbines in China have been driven by Converteam's converter products. Huang Bin pointed out

the combination of market and technology

while maintaining market advantages, Converteam is also a leader and advocate in the field of technology

at present, in order to improve the utilization efficiency of wind power, the power of wind turbines is constantly improving, and the wind power converter will continue to increase in order to meet the market demand. The rise of offshore wind power has further promoted this trend. Sun Daoxin told

it is understood that the current mainstream wind turbines in China have reached 1.5 MW, and with the launch of the offshore wind power market in 2010, the power of wind turbines will be greater than that of existing onshore wind turbines, while Chinese machine leaders such as Sinovel wind power, Goldwind technology, Xiangdian wind energy, etc. have targeted the world-class wind turbine of 5 MW. This also means that the converter industry, as a key component of wind turbine, will usher in new business opportunities and challenges

in the field of technology, we have stood at the forefront of the industry. Huang Bin said that 5 MW converter technology is a common topic in the global wind power field. At present, not many are really put into commercial operation, and it is a new field in China. The prototype of 5 MW full fed converter produced by Converteam has been operating in Europe for more than 2 years, so we have collected rich data in technical inspection and operation experience, which is very important for the wind power market with reliability as the first element

in fact, Converteam Shanghai production base has the production capacity of 5 MW full fed converter. For Converteam, 5 MW converter products have passed the long-term test stage, and there is no problem in production. At present, we are actively communicating with domestic complete machine enterprises to adjust the products according to the project and customer needs. Once the order is obtained, it can be put into production in the shortest cycle. Said Sun Daoxin

localization practitioners waiting for opportunities

China's wind power market has great potential, and no company can ignore the existence of the Chinese market. In 2010, Converteam achieved rapid growth in major business areas in the Chinese market. The most prominent business area is wind power. Therefore, sun Daoxin proposed the goal of doubling the performance of Converteam in China's wind power industry in 2010

in addition to the expectation of a better market, his confidence is closely related to the experience accumulated by Converteam over the years and the localization strategy implemented in recent years

as early as 2006, when China's wind power industry was just emerging and many equipment suppliers were still hesitating, Converteam had chosen to invest in the construction of Shanghai factory, transfer its production technology of high-power medium voltage inverter to China, and gradually complete the localization construction of supply chain, which played an important role in the rapid development of Converteam in China's wind power market in the following years

in 2009, Converteam laid out the Chinese market again and invested in Yantai to establish kefude electromechanical (Yantai) Co., Ltd. Yantai plant will mainly produce 2-5 MW permanent magnet generators, which are planned to be put into operation in 2011. Said Sun Daoxin

nowadays, direct drive permanent magnet fan technology has become a new trend. As the leader of the global wind power transmission system, after the layout of high-power full feed converter and permanent magnet direct drive generator production base in China, it is reasonable to believe that Converteam will have more opportunities to participate in Chinese wind power projects

after years of localization construction, we should be included as a part of local enterprises and also undertake the independent innovation in China's wind power field. Sun Daoxin said that technology research and development will be a new work for the localization of Converteam in the next stage. At present, we have only started the research on the application-oriented part in China, but according to the development plan, we will start more technology transfer projects, and China is expected to become the only research and development center of low-voltage inverter of Converteam in the world

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