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Lockster's first parallel hybrid crusher r1100de

lockster's first parallel hybrid crusher r1100de

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lockster rocks occupies an important position in the field of building energy-saving materials: ter r1100de crushing equipment has excellent performance and can meet various high demands at the same time, Today, let's take a look at this equipment -

lockster's first parallel hybrid crusher r1100de

technical parameters of the impact crusher:

opening size of the crushing chamber: 1100 x 720 mm

rotor: 4 crushing hammers

drive: Electric

rotor speed: continuously variable

crushing gap adjustment: full hydraulic

(continuous adjustment during operation)

swing beam: 2 (adjusted separately)

output: up to 450 tons/hour

engine: Caterpillar/Volvo

Power: up to 480 kW

main discharge belt, Width: 1200 mm

can be hydraulically adjusted

unloading height: ~ 3.3 m

side unloading belt: 650 mm

can be hydraulically folded, which makes it clear that China's annual output of new energy vehicles will reach 2million by 2020

unloading height: ~ 2.4 m

standard equipment configuration:

feed hopper (humda steel) - 5 m3

pre screening of vibrating feed plate with pre screening

can adjust the bypass slot (to the main discharge belt or side discharge belt)

magnetic separator

remote controller

noise reduction device

crusher overload protection

dust prevention system

color electronic control display screen

while significantly improving production performance, greatly reducing fuel consumption

highlight advantages

store electric energy to meet the energy supply demand when the output reaches the highest point

reduce the fuel consumption up to 30%

output: up to 450 tons/hour

continuous, full hydraulic crushing gap adjustment (there is

electronic control display on the display screen)

fully automatic Continuously control the belt conveying speed

use the remote controller to adjust the feed hopper

the unique dual function return belt system

"dual system" can be replaced: the jaw type

crushing unit can be converted from the jaw type

crusher (R1200) to a reaction type

crusher (r1100de) within a few hours, and vice versa

therefore, only one equipment can easily meet the crushing requirements of different materials, so as to maximize the utilization rate of the equipment

lockster's first parallel hybrid crusher r1100de

two sets of replacement system one equipment

screening box rs104:

screening area: 2600 x 1350 mm

standard screen: 34 mm

special screen customizable screening box height can be reduced hydraulically

finished material unloading belt:

width: 1200mm unloading height: about 3.3

dual function return/side unloading belt rb95:

width: 600mm

or use Unloading belt on the side:

unloading height: About 3.3m

or the super large size materials will be directly transported back to the feed hopper based on the fact that the moving beam will not be touched during lifting.

optional configuration: large size screening box rs104 + dual function return belt rb95 to ensure 100% qualified finished materials.

the hydraulic cylinders on both sides of the screening box greatly save the time of equipment maintenance

transportation size of r1100de:

length: 12.70 M I width: 2.75 M I height: 3.40 m

weight: About 36.2 tons

transportation size of r1100de equipped with rs104 + rb95:

length: 15.70 M I width: 2.99 M I height: 3.40 m

weight: About 40.7 tons

more optional configurations

repeated force air compressor

central lubrication system

main discharge belt - wear protection

water pump

belt weighing system crushing hammer quick replacement system

external power connection port

personalized painting

main discharge belt maintenance device

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