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"Local team" Gehua cable and China Mobile jointly built 4G

the night before yesterday, Gehua cable announced that Beijing Gehua Cable Digital Media Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of the company, and China Mobile Communications Group Beijing Co., Ltd. jointly signed a framework agreement on 4G cooperation and co construction. The annual sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will be about 1.4 million. Based on the network foundation of Gehua cable, the two sides will jointly expand the construction and maintenance of 4G network, as well as the cooperation of resources such as optical fiber and pipeline, for a period of five years. Gehua cable will provide services such as the construction, operation and maintenance, and optimization of mobile communication facilities and equipment

it is worth noting that on May 28, China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as radio and television state) was listed. It is understood that the long-term goal of radio and television is to build a national cable television network interconnection platform. However, many insiders believe that this goal is not easy to achieve, because the current national cable network system is still in a state of local separatism and is not interlinked with each other; At present, local radio and television enterprises such as Gehua cable are the first to cooperate with telecom enterprises such as China Mobile, which may make the integration of radio and television countries more difficult

It is understood that Gehua cable is the only interruption heating network operator responsible for cable radio and television in Beijing. It was established with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Government in 1999, formerly known as the Beijing Cable Radio and television network center. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in February, 2001. By the end of 2013, there were 5.24 million registered cable TV users, 238000 home broadband users, 260000 Gehua Feishi users, and 3.82 million HD interactive digital TV users. Previously, Gehua cable had cooperated with China Mobile Beijing. In 2012, the two sides signed a cooperation framework agreement on WLAN network construction

Fu Liang, an independent Telecom analyst, believed in an interview with the daily economy that the main purpose of the cooperation between the two sides is that China Mobile should further deepen the coverage of 4G networks with the help of Gehua cable resources

it is understood that 4G networks need to build more base stations because of their high frequency, many interferences and weak penetration. At present, China Mobile has built many 4G base stations, but it still needs to further build and optimize indoor base stations to improve user experience. However, building a new base station is not an easy task for China Mobile and the other two operators. It requires a lot of rent and entry fees every year, which is also the main reason why the three operators previously agreed to establish the national iron tower company, and Gehua cable has certain resources and advantages in this regard

Fu Liang pointed out that the cooperation between the two sides is achieved through the sharing of basic resources, because China Mobile can directly enter the community with the help of Gehua cable infrastructure, which can save a lot of construction costs

the announcement of Gehua cable also said that in 2014, the scale of cooperation between the two sides is expected to be hundreds of regions in Beijing, and China Mobile Beijing will pay relevant fees according to the contract

the radio and television country was in an awkward situation

on May 28, before the cooperation between Gehua cable and China Mobile, the radio and television country was listed in Beijing. It is understood that from the beginning of preparation to the establishment of the radio and television country, it is considered by the outside world that it has two major tasks: one is to promote the three integration, the other is to integrate the National Radio and television system to effectively reduce the structural acceleration response caused by the earthquake, reduce the shear force between floors and the corresponding shear deformation

but in Fu Liang's view, radio and television countries missed the critical period of the three integration; The task of integrating the National Radio and television network is also facing great challenges

some analysts pointed out that at present, cable TV networks in all regions are relatively independent, and the integration naturally involves the interests of all parties; Moreover, some local radio and television companies with strong competitiveness have been successfully listed. If they are integrated, it will cover a wider range; Beijing Gehua cable is an example

Wu Chunyong, an expert on the three integration research, told the daily economy that the current situation of radio and television countries is relatively embarrassing. Without strong capital to control or acquire local radio and television companies, it is unlikely to integrate local radio and television enterprises through administrative means

according to the data, the overall asset evaluation of the national cable TV network is about 150billion yuan, the net asset is about more than 70 billion yuan, and the registered capital of the state-owned radio and television company is 4.5 billion yuan

in view of the above cooperation between Gehua cable and China Mobile, Wu Chunyong pointed out that the high-performance plastics and composite materials of Shuang Langsheng make it possible to design some parts. The cooperation mode of other radio and television companies can be imitated. If radio and television state-owned companies can carry out strategic cooperation with the three major operators at the group level and strive for greater benefits for the provinces, they may be supported by radio and television companies in the provinces

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