The hottest local tyrant has 100000 computers to e

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Local tyrant 100000 with computer to eat chicken! CPU is paid in March. What do you think about this?

many players have fallen into a misunderstanding that playing Jedi to survive must and will build a good and stable academic atmosphere and high computer configuration. In fact, after such a long time of optimization, the hardware requirements of Jedi survival have decreased a lot. From the original gtx1060 can only be equipped with a low configuration, to now there is not much requirement in terms of graphics cards

but for high-end players, the gap between each frame makes them feel very uncomfortable. According to the legend, the mood of crushing one frame and hanging three frames is vividly reflected in them. Recently, little t found that a player equipped with a small 100000 computer in order to play Jedi to survive, which makes people drool enviably

from the screenshot given by the player, it can be seen that the CPU is the top ixe in the market at present, and the quotation is about 15000 more advantageous in terms of price. Although the graphics card is not Titan XP or Titan V, it is also 1080ti with fever level, and it is also two SLIS. Based on the current graphics card price, it is almost 20000 oceans, other 128G memory, 1t solid-state disk, plus 34.2-inch professional E-sports display, pirate ship K95 keyboard lamp peripherals, the total price hovers around 100000

therefore, ternary materials have higher volume energy density

it can only be said that poverty limits the imagination of small T. when I am still calculating carefully for a 1066 display 1 and changing the experimental frequency adjustable (0 (5) Hz) card, the price of a CPU of others is enough to equip myself with several computers. With such a cool configuration, it should improve a lot to play Jedi to survive. I don't know if I can be a fairy

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