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Location based services and IVR system matching

ctiforum message on March 12 (compiler/Liu Yu): location based services and interactive voice response (IVR) systems are closely related. In the past few years, many developers have cooperated in advanced voice software. IVR systems are not simply used to handle calls. Organizations usually use them to integrate with location-based services. They can use it to handle more things

interact's white paper points out that a few years ago, technology emerged, allowing wireless operators to use "cellular towers" in order to find the exact location of calls. Since then, various organizations have used this technology, including the Federal Communications Commission

this white paper is titled "location based service IVR applications: beyond 'check in'"

interact quoted statistics, There will be more cooperation between IVR and location-based services in the future: "two thirds of smart users check location-based applications at least once a week... As of June 2010, functional users account for 79% of all mobile users. In countries such as China and India, this number is even higher. However, the institutional impact is great, and these users will continue to account for the majority in the next few years, according to the user manual The calibration market will also be the main target of location-based applications. IVR enhancements for these types will make printing without pungent smell is key. "

the integration of location-based services and IVR systems still has a long way to go, and now they are in the initial stage of development. Since 2005, every manufacturer has had GPS function to use location-based enhanced services. The company points out that maps and location-based applications are now available

location based force measuring sensor systems that can be firmly installed are the key for enterprises to use them to drive revenue and applications. Interaction's customer IVR application can combine location-based services with modern voice software, providing opportunities for location-based technology

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