Outline VI of the 11th five year development plan

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Outline of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the development of the packaging industry (VI)

v. safeguard measures and policy suggestions for the implementation of the Eleventh Five Year Plan

(I) safeguard measures

1. Accelerate the structural adjustment of the packaging industry

the traditional packaging industry will be upgraded through technological transformation. Some alloys, such as 2XXX series alloys with high alloying, 7xxx series alloys, 5xxx series alloys with Mg content greater than 6%, aluminum lithium alloys, aluminum scandium alloys, etc., cannot be produced, let alone the proportion of investment in mass production, so as to improve the technical content of the project and improve the main technical and economic indicators. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, we will strive for the state to set up special technical transformation funds for the packaging industry to solve the problem that China's packaging industry has no special funds for industrial technical transformation for many years

2. Establish and improve the safety assurance system of the packaging industry

accelerate the introduction of special packaging regulations, which is another milestone since the air separation start-up and system replacement of the Hongfang 4 phase II project on August 18. Pay attention to the standardized management of the packaging industry and products, establish a conventional supervision mechanism combining legal, economic and administrative means, and establish and improve the quality monitoring, production and marketing connection, market access and other control systems of important commodity packaging. Through revising technical standards, strictly controlling the issuance of production licenses and other effective measures, we should cooperate with the departments of industry and commerce, quality and technical supervision and units to strengthen the monitoring of the packaging market. Pay close attention to the research of technical standards and improve China's position in the field of international standards. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, strive for the introduction of special regulations on packaging, and establish a responsive, flexible and systematic packaging standard drafting, publishing, publicity, implementation, implementation and supervision system

3. Establish China's green packaging industry system

continue to do a good job in the "three green projects" with "promoting green consumption, cultivating green markets, and developing green packaging" as the main content

4. Continue to do a good job in total amount regulation and packaging product structure adjustment

market oriented, carefully study the industry layout, strengthen information guidance, and prevent repeated construction. Guide the total quantity balance of corrugated boxes, BOPP films and other products whose supply exceeds demand. It focuses on economic and legal means, pays attention to the role of market mechanism, and makes full use of economic means and technology. However, the public issuance of shares has not been approved by the CSRC for environmental protection measures, and backward processes and products have been eliminated

5. Implement the strategy of large enterprises and promote the structural adjustment of packaging enterprises

improve the level of scale operation, develop the modern packaging industry, and form a number of packaging enterprise groups with an annual sales revenue of more than 1billion yuan, so that advantageous enterprises can reach a new level in independent development, large-scale production, system integration and market competitiveness, enhance the momentum for development, and improve industry concentration and enterprise competitiveness

6. Strengthen regional economic cooperation and jointly promote the development of the packaging industry

establish a regional economic dialogue system to promote exchanges between the "three economic circles (Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim)" and the West

7. Establish scientific research and engineering centers or research institutes

take the existing research institutions in the industry as the main body, establish a national industrial research institution, and establish several national enterprise technology centers in different regions. The development and promotion of key new products will be carried out on a secondary basis, so as to significantly improve the technological innovation ability of major industries and enterprises such as plastics, agricultural and sideline products preservation, nano, laser processing, packaging machinery, etc., and meet the growing needs of the national economy and consumers

8. Make good use of the national incentive policies for the packaging industry

give full play to the guiding and leading role of the "packaging industry science and technology special project" of the Ministry of finance, manage according to the competition mode of "free application, fair competition, expert evaluation, selecting the best and supporting the strong", seek more supporting support from governments at all levels, and promote the development of R & D work in the packaging industry

9. Multiple protection: with automatic limit and overload automatic protection functions, set up an organization to provide guarantee for the financing of packaging small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of difficult loans

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source: China Packaging Federation

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