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Summary of market development of commercial rotary offset press

commercial rotary offset press tends to improve the automatic setting ability and automatic control level of printing press, adopt new technology to improve the structure of printing press to meet the requirements of high-quality printing, and provide diversified folding methods to adapt to the flexible processing of different types of printing. A high degree of automation can not only reduce the amount of waste paper and shorten the installation and adjustment time, but also improve productivity. The best speed can be used for batch printing. At present, the paper of many magazines is getting thinner and thinner, but the relative requirements for printing quality are getting higher and higher. Generally, it is very difficult for sheet fed offset presses to run thin paper. Even if they can, the speed is very low, and it is difficult to meet customer requirements. The commercial rotary offset press has unique advantages in this regard. The thickness range of printing paper can generally reach 0.04 ~ 0.15mm, and the printing speed can be comparable with that of newspaper rotary offset press. In high-speed printing, the commercial rotary offset press runs 15 meters per second, and can be produced without stopping for 24 hours, and the print quality can be close to that of the sheet fed offset press. For this reason, the commercial rotary offset press has shown its strong advantages in magazines, books, advertisements and other products. Internationally, commercial rotary offset printing machines are more and more widely used. At present, more than 9000 sets of 16 page Heidelberg M-600 commercial rotary offset printing units have been installed worldwide

with the increasing demand for commercial printing materials, commercial rotary offset printing machines with high quality and fast speed are also popular. In view of the fact that some manufacturers that have introduced commercial rotary offset printing machines have achieved good benefits, it is expected that commercial rotary offset printing machines will continue to enter the Chinese market in recent years. 2. Model: jb-w300cyz. At present, there is no manufacturer that can produce high-grade commercial rotary offset printing machines in China because of the high requirements for machine accuracy inspection hammer, complex structure and many auxiliary equipment. Most of these printing machines used in China are imported products. Beiren Fuji Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has been able to produce bf9000 series commercial rotary printing machines through the introduction of technology, but the functional structure of the machine still needs to be further improved. Compared with foreign advanced equipment, there is still a big gap. In particular, it is randomly affirmed that the professional production institutions, the inspected publishing units in all provinces (regions, cities) have advanced technologies such as shaftless transmission and automatic publishing. Therefore, beiren Fuji will invest more human and material resources in the design, development and introduction of advanced technology, so as to improve the manufacturing level and technical level of China's commercial rotary offset press by a big step, and strive to occupy a place in the growing commercial rotary offset press market

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